How long is the money back guarantee offer running for?

The purchase period runs from 4th April 2023 - 31st October 2023.
Customers have until 30th November 2023 to claim. 


Where is the offer running? 

The offer is running in participating outlets in Australia that display advertising materials.  


How can I claim my money back? 

To claim money back, individuals must buy a participating product from a participating retailer, collect the itemised receipt, visit www.pananatramoneyback.com.au or scan QR code in-store and submit a claim a minimum of 72 hours after the purchase is made. 


Who is eligible to make a claim? 

Australian residents aged 18 and over can claim.


What are the participating products? 

The participating products are PanaNatra 30 packs (Joint Pain Relief, Muscle Pain Relief and Sleep & Pain Relief).


What information will I need to complete my claim? 

To complete a claim individuals will need to provide their date of birth, name, mobile number, email address, postal address and itemised receipt. 


How many times can I claim my money back? 

There is a maximum of one claim per household for one PanaNatra pack. 


What proof of purchase do I need? 

A valid itemised receipt is required.  


How will I receive my money?   

Individuals who make a valid claim will receive their money back via a Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard©.  


How much money will I receive?   

Individuals who make a valid claim will receive a refund equal to the amount paid (as shown on the receipt) for the PanaNatra 30 pack, up to a maximum of $14.99.